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Magadan, Omolon exploration, Quartz mine
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Identifier: Alexander Kosov
Date of birth: August, 13
Sex: without changes
Age: mature
Family status: mum-grandma, wife, 2 daughters, 1 grandson, 1 granddaughter and any more relatives
Habitat: Russia (Moscow region, Eastern Siberia, Transbaikalia and Far North-East)
Bad habits: who's without them?
Motto on tribal blazon: LAZINESS - great engine of progress.
Qualification: water-supply and sewerage engineer (and some another certificates)
Labor activity:

- designing of systems: water-supply, sewerage, heat network, hydraulic engineering.
- programming in: FoxPro, DTM, AutoLISP.
- drawing: geology maps and reports.
- teaching and compulsory farm work.

Decoration: honourable and others
Place of employment: "Dukat Exploration Enterprise" ("Polymetall" holding), Probable geological work group.
685000, Russia, Magadan, Transportnaya st., 1.
Appointment: programmer (pluralistically Ц draftsman and so forth)
Internet experience adoption: since 2001 unfortunately, before "stew in one's own juice"
Knowledge of Acad: since 1992, AutoCAD releases 10, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 , 18
Working languages : Russian, AutoLISP and a little English
Knowledge of English: enough for me

Magadan arms
Х E-mail: ai_kosov@mail.ru (geol-dh@narod.ru)
Х Guest page of site
Х Address: Russia, 685030, Magadan, Koltsevaya st., 34-G, 28, Alexander I Kosov
Home phone, Russia, Magadan, (+7-413-2) 65-05-10
Work phone, Russia, Magadan, (+7-413-2) not connected up yet
Mobile phone, (Russia) +7 914 860 9323

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