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to users of AutoCAD 15-18 (Acad 2000 - 2012)
Renovation 25.09.2010 COMPUTER REQUIREMENTS

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Speed of programs execution

Main computer requirements for GEOL_DH setup are listed in table:

Description At least Recommended Notes
Operating system Windows 95 Windows 98, NT, XP
Vista (with limitation)
No other platforms used for testing
Running speed, RAM size and other parameters As required by AutoCAD See Note 2  
Screen resolution 1024768 12801024 and more For programs parameter settings dialog box loading
Restrictions for size of processed lists (while annotation, calculations etc As required by AutoCAD   No restrictions detected up to 60 000 assay int.
Presence of application programs AutoCAD 15 (2000-2002) or his extension AutoCAD 16, 17, 18 (2004-2012) or his extension.
see note 3
Excel (97 to XP)
Word (97 to XP)
  Only for reading attached files and creating databases

1. Minimal screen resolution depends also on font height specified in operating system.
2. It is recommended to carry out processing of geological databases with assay intervals number of 10 000 and more on computer PIII-800 Mhz, with 256 Mbytes of RAM and more productive.
3. During testing of the program in AutoCAD 16, 17 (2004-2009) and also during analysis of new, altered and removed commands and system variables, no incompatibilities were detected. AutoCADs true color palette is not supported.

To use KAI-2001 application it is enough to have a computer of average productivity.

If invoking parameter dialogue box makes AutoCAD display an error about insufficient screen size for parameters dialog box display, screen resolution in pixels should be increased or screen fonts size should be decreased (see documentation on Windows operating system). After these changes AutoCAD needs to be restarted.

Programs in AutoLISP are comparatively slow during program code execution (also comparatively slow are executed AutoCAD commands during objects creation), so required processing speed of computer depends on size of processed database (mainly depends on number of assay intervals and length of holes) and on specified list of data to be annotated.

For testing, real databases were used. GEOL_DH rel. 6.0 and 7.85 testing results are listed for slowest process (assay intervals annotation):

Computer Number of holes and intervals Time for checking, loading and drawing of main traces with data, minutes Annotation of assay intervals lengths, values of 2 elements and their graphical representation, with selection of samples more than 0.1 g/t, minutes
Releases 6.0 - 7.8
Pentium III MMX.
500 MHz.
RAM 256 MB
142 pcs
(length 80-600, average 200 m);
Lines in files:
2290 Survey
19264 Assay
19264 Rock
13.0 [33.0]
142 hole traces;
19263 assay intervals;
4558 rock intervals;
14705 rock intervals merged)
12.3 [58.0]
(creating list 0.5 [5.6];
created 16544 objects)
Athlon XP.
1333 MHz.
RAM 516 MB
6.5 [18]
6.4 [32.0]
(creating list 0.2 [2.6];
created 16544 objects)
Athlon XP.
1333 MHz.
RAM 516 MB
329 pcs
(length 80-600, average 225 m);
Lines in files:
5715 Survey
44605 Assay
44605 Rock
329 hole traces;
44605 assay intervals;
9782 rock intervals;
34738 rock intervals merged)
(creating list 0.7;
created 28699 objects)

Since release 7.85
Athlon XP.
1333 MHz.
RAM 516 MB
(created: same)
(creating list 15 sec;
created 28699 objects)

Notes: For reference in square brackets are displayed data before optimizaioin of program code.

Because annotation of data for all drawing is required quite rarely, while speed of data lists creation increased by one order and more, since version 6.0 it becomes possible to process 40 - 60 thousand intervals and more in a drawing on a computer of average productivity.

Note: Annotation of objects in Acad 2008 is 1.2-1.25 times faster than in Acad 2007.

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