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Magadan, Omolon exploration, Quartz mine
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Added and changed options and functions of the program

March 2011


  • To option Annotation (program GEOL_BH) added 2 elements for annotation.
  • To option Reserve (program GEOL_BH) added 2 elements for reserve calculation.
  • And some more small changes added.

July 2011


  • New option LWF (program GEOL_BM). Load wireframs from text files.
  • Improved algorithm of WriteData option (program GEOL_INF) and AVerage (program GEOL_CAL).
  • New option ClearList in option MergeTrace (program GEOL_MIS) and improved code of program.


June 2011

  • Improved algorithm of AutoTG, TG, GA options (program GEOL_ANN).
  • Changed program GEOL_LOG and option WriteData (program GEOL_INF).

May 2011


  • New option OBazimuths (program GEOL_INF). Forming text file with data of dip azimuths of ore bodies by sections (for Calculate options, program GEOL_CAL).
  • Completely rewritten AssignID option (program GEOL_INF). Now to geological objects (faults, rock contacts, etc.) you can add additional data and load data from text file.
  • In option AutoTG (program GEOL_ANN) now you can calculate total (summary) grade intervals automatically by user conditions in horizontal thickness.
  • In option Summary (program GEOL_ANN) user can select for annotation objects by GEOL_DH standards (single ID, set by 1st symbol, etc.).
  • In option Edit (GEOL_CAL) now you can edit horizontal thickness of ore body interval.
  • Option Calculate (program GEOL_CAL). User can select for calculation grade intervals by GEOL_DH standards (single ID, set by 1st symbol, etc.).
  • To option Rose (program GEOL_DIP) added some auxiliary capacities.

February 2010

  • By options: Traces, Grades, Rocks, AutoTG, TG, LinesAlong, geoPoints (program GEOL_ANN) user now can annotate objects specified in the list of ID.
  • To option AutoTG (program GEOL_ANN) added possibility create or erased extra fields with data (equivalent values).
  • By option WrateData (program GEOL_INF) for total intervals can be additionally output to file data of grade intervals contained in total intervals.
December 2010


  • New option AutoTG (program GEOL_ANN). Calculation total (summary) grade intervals automatically by user conditions.
  • To blastholes user can now add new parameters (elements) and values (program GEOL_BH, LoadData option).

November 2010

  • To program GEOL_LOG added possibility set colors to elements.

November 2010

  • Option Calculate (GEOL_CAL) now can take dip azimuths of ore body from text file with data.
  • By option Rock (GEOL_ANN) you can convert magnetic azimuths for dip-strike symbols to real azimuths.
  • In option Edit (GEOL_CAL) now you can edit vertical thickness of ore body interval.

September 2010

  • In Setup program now you can select path to registrations files and patterns and install PLTOOLS toolpack (plines editing, by V.Azarko), if full distributiv from CD.
  • Option Calculate (GEOL_CALand GEOL_UG programs) now can calculate ore intervals including not complete grade intervals.
  • To program GEOL_LOG for crade intervals (assay) contents added one more element (type of data).
  • Programs are tested in Autocad 2011.

March 2010

  • New option Vpt (program GEOL_MIS). Transformation view of points to current UCS.
  • To program GEOL_LOG for assay graphic log added 5th element (type of data).
  • New option Staple (program GEOL_LOG). Substitution line to staple (polyline).

January 2010

  • New option Edit (program GEOL_BM). Editing IDs of blocks.
  • To option Load (program GEOL_BM) added verification about overlapped blocks of model.
  • To option SetSectionSlice (program GEOL_PRO) added ability to see line and borders of defined profiles.
  • In GEOL_DH program now realized check of identity data in COLLAR and SURVEY files (azimuth and dip from collar)
  • Help from this version now supplied only in CHM format.

May 2009

  • New program GEOL_BM. Block model. Loading data, annotation, viewing, reserve calculation.
  • Displacement of dip-strike symbols (rock annotation, GEOL_ANN)

February-October 2008

  • Some errors were corrected. GEOL_BH (FormArray options), GEOL_LOG, GEOL_MIS and GEOL_BH.

7.938 September 2007

  • With this release drawing of dip and strike symbols and angles of bedding to core axis is possible using Rock option of GEOL_ANN program, provided that these data are entered in Comment' rock data entry field.

7.937a July 2007

  • An error for AutoCAD versions before 17.0 (2007) that occurred during creation of Voronoi polygon solid bodies (GEOL_CAL) was fixed.
  • New functionality: Object selection using specified polygon in WriteData option of GEOL_INF.

April 2007

  • Calculation of reserves by Voronoi polygons now is possible using Reserve option of GEOL_CAL and GEOL_UG (I think that this is the most accurate standard calculation method).
  • Compliance of the program within acad 17.1 (acad AutoCAD 2008 - 32bit) was tested.
  • Errors were corrected in Reserve option of GEOL_BH.

7.936a January 2007

  • Correction of the error in SetSectionSlice option of GEOL_PRO that occurred when the distance to the front and back intersecting plane was small (in case of big coordinates).
  • Errors were corrected in Elevations option of GEOL_BH.

October 2006

  • For the underground ore intervals (mainly for inclined trenches, etc.) now it is possible to calculate horizontal thicknesses using the length of an ore interval projected over horizontal plane ( Calculate option of GEOL_UG program). And also editing of horizontal thicknesses, calculated by the program ( Edit option of GEOL_CAL program)

July 2006

  • Support of AutoCAD 2007 (Acad 17) is added.

June 2006

  • For calculation of reserves previously set ore body name will be offered (in ore intervals, elevation lines or blasthole rings lines). Calculate option of GEOL_CAL and GEOL_UG.
  • Display of data type is added in dialog box of WriteData option (GEOL_INF program) .
  • OLAY (KAI-2001 pack) program was created for filtration of layers by the type of object and ID.
  • Option AVerage (program GEOL_CAL) now can average all ore intervals (created by programs GEOL_CAL and GEOL_UG).
  • Now accuracy of angles can be set during writing data to file (WriteData of GEOL_INF).

May 2006

  • Statistical rules are applied by default for rounding results that are based on assay data (for calculation of total and ore intervals, reserve calculation, etc .). See Introduction.
  • GEOL_DH now can check if the length of a hole in database and in a drawing is the same (before loading intervals and geopoints). Intervals and geopoints of hole traces that were cut (extended) by user are not loaded.
  • Real length of holes is added to the information about cut off (extended) traces of holes (program GEOL _ INF ).

April 2006

  • GEOL_DH (data loading) is enhanced by ability to erase selected by user types of traces, intervals, geopoints for a definite hole, by the first ID or in all holes (workings) of drawing.
  • New option DeleteXD (GEOL_MIS program). Deleting extended data of annotations, created by programs of GEOL_DH toolpack.
  • Ability to append comments to descriptions/rock codes was added (GEOL_LOG).
  • An ability to calculate reserves up to selected level (in the range from the highest planned level to the lowest collar elevation of selected holes) was added in Reserve option (GEOL_BH).
  • An error in Reserve option of GEOL_BH program was corrected. When there are several blasting blocks and/or planned levels in a calculated block they will be joined by +' symbol, (not by comma).

November 2005

  • For vertical sections during creation of elevation grid it is possible now to set position of flat plan under or above the frame of drawn elevation grid, option FormGrid (GEOL_PRO program).
  • In option SetSectionSlice ( GEOL_PRO program) it is possible now to block warning window with information about current coordinate system ( parameter geo_sec_nowin-).
  • A search for the main strike azimuths of stone excavation is added in option Rose (GEOL_DIP program ), this also includes display of statistics about the number of dip-strike symbols in four inter-perpendicular sectors (ranges of strike azimuths).
  • For the slowest processes , processing large numbers of objects (data loading and annotation), the program displays the number of remaining elements of the list (as a rule, this is displayed after every 250 elements of list).
  • Work of the programs with AutoCAD 2006 was tested during three months, no incompatibility was found.

July 2005

  • New program GEOL_QUA (beta) for natural stone mining companies. The program cuts stone blocks in operational contour, searches optimum dimension of block and position of contour. Blocks are divided into classes according to the presence crossing discontinuities and annotated by hatching. Modification of sizes of columns and/or rows of blocks and classes of quality is provided. Program calculates total reserves in contour and reserves for each class of quality.
  • GEOL_INF was updated (display of information about objects created by GEOL_QUA).
  • New option AssignID (GEOL_INF), which allows to assign IDs (names) to geological objects (faults, rock contacts, etc.) and find intersections of these objects with defined by user levels for creation of horizontal slices (annotation is done by points and ID text).
  • Search option (highlighting) of named geological objects was added to Find option (GEOL_INF).
  • Now it is possible to write geological object data (coordinates, IDs, etc.) in a text file using WriteData ( GEOL_INF ).

June 2005

  • GEOL_LOG. Style 3 was added for drawing assay graphic logs. Defining by user of sequence and width of columns, and other parameters of graphic log.
  • Rose diagram has now diagram name and option of entering only texts of dip angles grid (with marks, if necessary). See Rose option of GEOL_DIP.
  • GEOL_DIP now allows using previous set of dip-strike symbols (for annotation or creation of diagrams).
  • LinesAlong option of GEOL_ANN was corrected (hatching of each second sample by SOLID pattern).
  • Short manual How To Quickly Prepare Dozens of Hole Graphic Logs was completed. DWG file with description of technique and examples is attached, also data bases are added (stone mining companies were used as an example). See page downloading(demo-log.zip archive).

May 2005

  • GEOL_LOG. Code is optimized (now 1.2-2 times faster). New option appeared copying of graphic rock logs and point data blocks into assay graphic log. Collar coordinates can be added to the head of logs. An error is corrected (drawing geophysical data). Help will be updated later.
  • Rock hatches are added in Legend option of GEOL_MIS program.
  • Now it is possible to fill each second contour (between a line and a trace) during drawing lines along assay intervals (LinesAlong option of GEOL_ANN program).
  • One more variant of rose diagram is added (Cotman diagram). Number of dip-strike symbols by strike azimuths, direction of dip is shown (Rose option of GEOL_DIP program).
  • An error in Reserve option of GEOL_BH program is corrected (the program did not respond after loading capping parameter setting dialog box).
  • An error in ByContour option of GEOL_DIG program is corrected.
  • An error in Rock option of GEOL_ANN program is corrected (during annotation by hatches).

April 2005

  • Now it is possible to draw by strike azimuths and user can specify fill colors (Rose option of GEOL_DIP program). Selection of dip-strike symbols by user now can be additionally filtered by specified suffix (GEOL_DIP program).
  • In Dilution option of GEOL_UG program it is possible now to specify element values in dilution area and calculate average grades in blasting (operational) contour.
  • Reserve contours calculated by GEOL_CAL and GEOL_UG programs are annotated by blocks which inherit color of set element grade ranges. Information about contour is inserted in attributes of block. See Annotation option of GEOL_UG program.
  • Automatic setting of closing layers with contours of ore bodies, middle dip lines and contours of blastholes (see Chapter 15) is provided.
  • Using arithmetic mean in calculation for slice lines and BHR lines is allowed (weight factor = 0.0). Precise value is not set now, only calculated one. LCalc option of GEOL_CAL program.
  • An error in GEOL_LOG program was corrected (instability of code and pattern lists creation was solved).

April 2005

  • New program GEOL_DIP. Dip-strike symbols. Drawing (including drawing by data from text file), annotation, editing, search, statistics (circle dot diagram and rose diagram). Find option is in development.
  • One more calculated element is added (data field). Changes touch entire GEOL_DH toolpack, except GEOL_BH program (blastholes).
  • New capability to process 3rd file with geophysical and other point data (GEOPOINT-3 file, loading, annotation, graphic logs).
  • New Distance option of GEOL_INF program. Search of nearest assay intervals by specified distance between them and loading search results (IDs, distances, intervals, assay results, rock codes) in a text file.
  • Averaging of element values of ore intervals by thickness is possible now by Average option of GEOL_CAL program (weighted average values).
  • GEOL_LOG program now can display part of a graphic log (using selected FROM-TO).
  • Coordinate grid can be added now to flat plan under section (SetSectionSlice option of GEOL_PRO program).
  • Measurement units and element names can be loaded in attributes of a block with reserve data (Reserve option of GEOL_CAL program).
  • When the program is updated former parameters of the program with user settings (GEOL_SET.LSP) are saved, if they do not conflict with default settings of new version.

January 2005

  • New option Dilution of GEOL_UG for data preparation for calculation of ore volume, ore losses and dilution. Necessary areas are calculated by two outlines (exploration contour of ore body and operational (mining) or blast outline). Calculated parameters can be output in text file with delimiters by WriteData option (GEOL_INF) or by importing information from block attributes (INSP2TXT program).
  • Calculation of reserves by elevation lines on longitudinal projections is allowed by HORIZONTAL' thickness (length of lines).
  • Option of automatic definition of several parallel sections and/or horizontal slices is added with defined by user step between them (SetSectionSlice option, GEOL_PRO).
  • Support of two more measuring units is added: percent by weight and gram per cu. m (see Reserve option of GEOL_CAL, GEOL_UG, GEOL_BH).
  • Annotation of numeric geophysical data (geoPoints option, GEOL_ANN and GEOL_LOG) can be performed now in logarithmic scale (natural or decimal logarithm).
  • Instead of search radius, search distance from BHR lines now is used for calculation of BHR lines (Calculate option, GEOL_UG).
  • Assay interval data output in a text file is supplemented by a column with rock codes for the middle of interval (WriteData option, GEOL_INF).
  • Color to all block objects, which are created by the program, is set BYBLOCK (by block). Color to block attributes is set, as before, BYLAYER (by layer).
  • Popup windows with list of program options are supported (for those who like right button on their mouse).

November 2004

  • New option 3ptAzimuths of GEOL_PRO for calculation azimuths of strike and dips, and dip angles of planes, defined by specified by user 3 points. Plane objects are drawn: triangle by points, rectangular region (for visualization of the plane in 3D) and symbol of bedding of the plane.
  • Annotation of rock intervals now is done by hatches along intervals, type and width of hatches, color and other features are defined by user (Rocks option, GEOL_ANN).
  • Interpolated element values for blasthole ring lines (BHR lines) are assigned now proceeding also from vertical blasthole data (option Calculate of GEOL_UG).
  • Layers with traces (intervals, points) are opened for object selection mode (except hole traces, rock intervals, ore intervals and vertical blastholes) automatically (for the period of selection of objects). In new version closed layers, where objects are drawn, are opened automatically.
  • Error in LoadData option of GEOL_BH is corrected (last hole was not loaded).

Sept. 2004

  • SETUP program is created. Installation of GEOL_DH (and KAI-2001) now is automatic. Double click DWG file in program distributive folder to open AutoCAD and setup starts. During installation process program and other files are copied from distributive, program search paths are inserted in AutoCAD search paths and corresponding menus are loaded. See for more details...
  • GEOL_UG (underground) added functions: definition of horizontal thickness of orebody in excavations, perpendicular to the dip of orebody (Calculate option); annotation of ore interval horizontal thickness by wide polyline, which is drawn parallel to section azimuth from the lower point of interval, that is from entry or exit point (Annotate option).
  • Different linear scales are added for the two types of geopoint data (hole logging) annotation. Annotation drawing error is corrected.
  • It is possible now to write reserve calculation data (by calculated block outlines) to text file applying WriteData option of GEOL_INF program.
  • Text annotation of rock depth (FROM distance) is added for column on section (GEOL_LOG program).
  • An error in interpolation of values by 2 types of ore intervals on BHR line in Calculate option of GEOL_UG program was corrected.
  • GEO14 line type was added in KAI-SHP.LIN.

7.85 - 1.0
July 2004 - February 2000


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