July 2004

  • Program code for loading data from file and creating big data lists was optimized. Look at speed of programs execution.
  • Block color fill for defined ranges of first element grades can be selected in Annotate option of GEOL_CAL program to annotate ore intervals.
  • Elevation line colors can be selected in LAnn option (GEOL_CAL program) for defined ranges of first element grades.
  • Interpolated element grade values for elevation lines or blasthole ring lines (BHR lines) are defined now based on data from ore intervals and BHR lines or elevation lines, respectively. User selects needed objects for interpolation from those, which are found within orebody outlines (LCalc option of GEOL_CAL program or Calculate option of GEOL_UG program).
  • New Memorize option in GEOL_UG program (to keep in memory base line (BL) and starting BHR line).
  • Misprints and inaccuracies in program code were corrected, protection from user's mistakes was created.

May 2004

  • New program GEOL_UG. Underground horizontal excavations.
  • Calculation of ore intervals on plan (only horizontal thicknesses), and also if necessary creation of parallel blasthole ring lines inside outline of ore body (block). Interpolation of values of ore intervals onto BHR lines. Annotation of ore intervals and BHR lines (including colored annotation by specified ranges of element grades) and reserve calculation by ore intervals and BHR lines.
  • Introduced corresponding additions to object sorting (Order option of GEOL_MIS program) and also added capability of writing data on ore intervals and BHR lines for underground to text file (WriteData option of GEOL_INF utility).
  • Annotation texts now at angles 90-180 degrees are automatically rotated for convenience of viewing.
  • Excluded annotation of ore intervals by blocks with attributes.
  • Slightly changed names of layers and blocks by default. Renaming of layers and blocks is performed automatically during launch of any GEOL_DH programs.
  • Made changes and additions of editorial character to series of programs for improvement of self-descriptiveness.

April 2004

  • Optimized program code during loading data from file and annotation of assay intervals.
  • Made changes to Elevations option of GEOL_BH program (selection by user of elevation of points from list). GEOL_BH program is supplemented also with verification of data permissibility after manual correction of elevation of points.

March 2004

  • New program GEOL_BH. Processing vertical blastholes. Creating array of holes in outline, assigning to them elevations by triangulation network, loading data from text file or assigning data to existing points, annotating holes, reserve calculation and statistical data on blastholes inside selected outline.
  • Made corresponding additions to object sorting (Order option of GEOL_MIS program) and also added capability to write data on blastholes and calculation outlines to text file (WriteData option of GEOL_INF program).
  • To Edit option of GEOL_CAL program is added capability to edit label of ore body.

December 2003

  • To SetSectionSlice option of GEOL_PRO program is added capability to rename program-defined views and UCSs, and also measuring distances from section (plan) plane to visibility clipping planes.
  • To hole graphic logs ( GEOL_LOG ) is implemented creation of rock code interpretations list (hatches, hatch properties and comprehensive descriptions of rock codes) directly in dialogue box with displaying slides of selected hatches. List data is saved in text file for using during next opening of drawing.

Oktober 2003

  • GEOL_DH messages language setting and loading programs with short names (KAI-2001 applications) moved from ACAD.LSP file to corresponding menu_name.MNL files. Corresponding changes made to documentation. Help file recompiled in new software in order to improve functionality of help.

August 2003

  • New option CAP of GEOL_CAL program developed, which carries out capping of outlier (hurricane) samples in ore intervals and adds to extended data of ore intervals all assay intervals included in ore interval (only for ore intervals defined in GEOL_DH versions before 7.5 ). Capping is performed in two ways (simple exchange or exchange of outlier samples with calculation level which is specified as percent of MC sum of all intervals of ore interval or block).
  • In addition to calculation data of ore interval (Calculate option of GEOL_CAL program) to objects are also attached initial parameters of ore intervals and list with element grades by all assay intervals included in ore interval.
  • Reserve calculation (Reserve option of GEOL_CAL program) can now be carried out along with capping by block (by ore intervals or assay intervals).
  • To AVerage option of GEOL_CAL program are made alterations relating to creation of initial element values.
  • In editing (viewing) window for ore intervals is displayed initial data on element grades (before capping).
  • To WriteData option of GEOL_INF program is added creation of calculation table of ore body parameters by excavations (“ORE” and “GRADE INTERVALS” types).
  • Annotation of whole intervals (length without centimeters) is now carried out only with one zero after decimal point. In GA option of GEOL_ANN program text lines can be drawn not only at right angle to specified direction, but also horizontally or vertically.

June 2003

  • Developed new option ByContor of GEOL_DIG program for digitizing of rocks by user-specified contour. The program draws rock intervals for all regions of excavation traces included in contour, and assigns extended data to these intervals (rock codes)
  • Developed new option GA of GEOL_ANN program for annotation of assay intervals of a series of successive intervals (from beginning to ending, specified by user). Annotation texts are stacked in column, location and direction of which is specified by user. Used mainly for final designing of surface and underground mining excavations sampling plans.
  • In Grade option of GEOL_ANN program is changed ideology of element selection for data filtering. Now you can specify any element to be used in operation of comparison to specified value. Data filtering for text lines and graphical representation of current element can now be set to different minimal values.
  • To LinesAlong option of GEOL_ANN program is added capability (for data filtering mode) of preliminary transformation of element values which begin in database with “<” character.
  • To some options is implemented prevention from user's incorrect actions and the program's code is optimized.

May 2003

  • Developed new program GEOL_DIG for digitizing of scanned plots of sampling plans, sections and other drawings, that is, for creation of numerical databases with surveyor and geological information. The program assigns extended data for drawn by user 3-dimensional traces of mining excavations (sampling lines) and draws and assigns extended data to assay intervals (sampling results etc) and rock intervals (rock codes and comments).
  • To Annotate option GEOL_CAL program is added capability to draw SPHERES in the middle of ore intervals, which are equally obvious in any coordinate system. After (re)defining new ore intervals in section and their annotation by spheres, the latter can be easily found on projection.
  • Doubled intervals with same extended data and coordinates (objects created by copying with one insertion point) are automatically removed before calculation of summary and ore intervals or elevation lines, and also before reserve calculation and annotation of ore intervals.
  • During calculation of reserve calculation values of area and volume of block and ore reserve in block, output to block attributes, are rounded to integers (extended data and output to text window are rounded by default to 2 digits after decimal point. Inaccuracy in data sorting during annotation of point data is corrected.

March 2003

  • Programs code is optimized. Speed of lists creation increased 5-10 times and more. Speed of creation of AutoCAD objects during annotation of traces, intervals and geopoints increased 3-5 times. This relates to list sizes exceeding 1000.
    Thanks to that appears possibility to increase number of intervals to be processed up to 30-40 thousand in one drawing, depending on computer's processing speed.
  • Small errors (relating to information output to text window) are corrected.

5.48 - 1.0
February 2003 - February 2000

  • See help file GEOL_HLP.HLP