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Author's page. Alexander Kosov.
Magadan, Omolon exploration, Quartz mine
to users of AutoCAD 15-18 (AutoCAD 2000 - 2012)
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• geologists and geophysicists
• surveyors and miners
• builders-designers
• technology
• construction
• sanitary engineering
• hydraulic engineering
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Last news: New user. New release 8.71 of GEOL_DH and KAI-2001.

Purpose Of Site
• Acquainting AutoCAD users with my developments which have been written for various specialities in more than dozen years of work with Autodesk software.
• Conveying experience of programming and technologies of processing of numerical data.
• Codes of some programs and functions
, example of setup acad programs (Russian language), see site map.

GEOL_DH Presentation
Toolbar GEOL_DH

GEOL_DH – toolpack for graphical representation of geological, surveyor, mining and calculation data in 3D space.

It is intended for:

• elimination of chores while performing graphical tasks;
• visualization of data (on plans, vertical or oblique cross-sections, horizontal cross-sections (slices))
• preliminary element grade calculation by series of intervals. And automatically calculation total (summary) grade intervals by user conditions;
• ore intervals calculation and annotations;
• reserve calculation (arithmetic mean, weighted average and by Voronoi polygons) with ore interval and block capping. Reserves can be calculated by ore intervals, assay intervals and elevation lines (blasthole ring lines) ;
• operations with blocks of model;
• preparation of data for another programs (requiring coordinates and element grades), forming sheets with parameters of ore bodies by excavations (holes);
• drillhole graphic log creation;
• generation of new database by merging several sequential excavations with recalculation of previous intervals;
• finding of contours and traces by location or identifier, extraction information about objects etc;
• building of numerical databases from scanned sampling plans and other drawings.
• processing data on vertical blastholes along with reserve calculation;
• calculation of ore intervals for horizontal mining excavations (on plans), and also creation and calculation of blasthole ring lines. Annotation of ore intervals and BHR lines, reserve calculation. Calculation of ore, losses of ore and dilution;
• creation, annotation and statistical processing of dip-strike symbols;
• calculation of reserves of stone for each quality class;
• other tasks.

GEOL_DH may be useful to geologists, geophysicists, surveyors, miners and shotfirers, which operate in exploration or mining.

KAI-2001 Presentation
Toolbar KAI-2001

KAI-2001 – toolpack of applications, intended for:
• work with texts, block attributes, layers and object properties;
• measuring distances, areas, coordinates, elevations, volumes, length of objects;
• work with section, drawing, design etc;
• 3DFace surfaces. Creation, intersection lines, volumes;
• drawing of cliffs, slopes, section symbols, surfaces and solids;
• forming blasthole rings and calculating of blast charges;
• scaling of objects, assigning elevation to horizontal lines;
• drawing of fit and rectangular polylines, perpendiculars, etc;
• forming axonometric schemes and drawing fittings;
• output of data to text file and forming objects by data from text files, sorting objects by colors:
• coding and drawing of autocad patterns, hatching contours by blocks.

KAI-2001 may be useful to builders-designers, geologists, geophysicists, surveyors, miners and shotfirers.

Notes: Examples of program functioning placed on pages with toolpacks structure.

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