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Face Author's page. Alexandr Kosov.
Magadan, Omolon exploration, Quartz mine
to users of AutoCAD 15-18 (Acad 2000 - 2012)
Renovation 22.07.2011 KAI-2001 STRUCTURE

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KAI-2001 toolpack
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Menu-items of KAI-2001 in [BRACKETS].

Legends (Note column):

@ other authors' application or obsolete application without help. Not supported by the developer anymore
D application has DCL file (description of dialog box).
S application has SET file (application parameters and messages).
new and greatly changed application (with date).

For full menu refer to KAI-2001.chm. All examples are in kai-example-prg-dwg.rar (Russian).

All examples are opening in new window.

KAI-2001 main toolbar: Toolbar KAI-2001

File name
(FAS or LSP)
Menu-item. Toolbar.
Main functions description of application.
  Texts [TEXTS-LEADERS] Drawing and editing text objects.
Drawing filename, year, AutoCAD version, system codepage and computer name in corner of stamp along with automatic removal of TEXT objects from this place (above stamp Inv.# or by insertion point).

Drawing text, positions (2 lines) and boxes (up to 8 lines) with leader lines ending with arrow, dot or no arrowheads. Set of special characters by pressing a button. Insertion of Greek characters and text formatting codes. Capability of inserting last typed text or text with selection from drawing.
Automatic numbering of positions with specified increment by template with prefix and suffix.

MIS Drawing building axis with dimensions (saving axis description to file). Positions in circle. Categories of rooms . Areas of rooms. Braces. Drawing alterations (labels). Elevations on plan.
By Russian standards
CURVED_T Drawing curvilinear text along specified (including smoothed) polyline, arc, line (for example, names of rivers, chains of mountains etc).
DIGCOL Drawing numbers in vertical (horizontal, inclined) column of texts with specified spacing in specified distance, with prefixes and (or) suffixes, specified style and alignment.
Arithmetic CALCULATOR of TEXT, ATTRIB and DIMENSIONS object values. Preliminary summation of set of numbers prior to operation. Operations with constant. Insertion of calculation result as TEXT objects, changing TEXT object to resulting value.
AL Zigzag smoothed leader line with text.

Boxes around texts (semicircular, smoothed by radius and rectangular). Automatic removal of previously drawn boxes. Drawing text and box around. For TEXT and MTEXT objects.

See Express.
Places a mask object behind selected text, mtext and block attributs.
See Express.
Quick editing of values of previously selected texts (TEXT, MTEXT up to 255 characters), removing unnecessary texts. Altering texts with specified increment (auto numbering) by template with prefix and suffix.

Removes embedded Mtext formatting.
Steve Doman and Joe Burke 2010
CHTXT Global alteration of some properties of TEXT objects.
@ D
  Attrib [ATTRIBUTES] Editing of block attributes.

Aligning subsequent attributes in line (column), starting with specified ones, with specified offset (subsequent attributes are drawn in same direction). For vertical aligning is drawn (old one is removed) a line between 1st and 2nd attributes.


Changing of i-ht of attribute in the set of blocks to value calculated as:
(Value_Prev_Attr)(+,,*,/)(Constant)= (NEW_VALUE).
Blocks are sorted by X or Y coordinate.

  Distance-Coordinate [DISTANCES-COORDINATES] Measuring of lengths, areas, elevations, coordinates, angles.
Calculating distance between two points on plan (including by arc) considering or not considering scales, or objects (objects set) length, and also series of other values (inclination, increment, radius and tangent of arc etc). Calculatiion lengths of (poly)lines inside contour.
Outputting measurements onscreen, as text between points, as horizontal text.
ELSIGN Calculating point elevations considering drawing scale and position of base elevation and drawing them as text with elevation sign and leader line, to section, as horizontal text, or only onscreen. Drawing line between points at specified elevation. Automatic filling in polyline node elevations for section.
Measuring coordinates of point [XY(Z)] (or set of objects) and outputting them in specified order: to screen; as point's text; as text with leader line and to table. Calculating and outputting to table distances and azimuths (position angles).
Get geographic coordinates to block, mtext or screen. Draw point by user coordinates.
ELPOINT Calculating intermediate elevation between horizontals (points) by interpolation. Changing polyline, text or point to value of calculated point or drawing polyline from this point (if necessary).
Calculating areas (perimeters, surfaces, volumes and weights) by specified points or objects, outputting values to screen, block attributs, text or column of text. Calculation of values in different measurement units and in any drawing scale. Calculating areas for set of objects, also in mode excepting plaster.
VOLUME Calculating volumes of soils for trenches or dams (trapezoidal and rectangular section) by section data. Surface, trench (dam) elevations and distances must be set as text.
DIMARC Drawing size of arc length.
  Layers [LAYERS-PROPERTIES] Browsing and editing properties of objects and layers.
SEEL Browsing layers (including reference ones) by one (in alphabetical order), moving (copying) objects to other layer, removing objects, switching to required layer, turning one layer on additionally for viewing, objects color change, browsing colors ByLayer.

Turning off all layers that correspond to prefix (Prefix*') of a mask and turning on layers by a mask that was selected by user ( Prefix*Suffix'). The mask for layers GEOL _ DH is set automatically by the type of the object and ID.


Transferring properties of source object to other object (set of objects). Inherited are: layer, color, linetype, line scale, height and style of text, block name, scales of rotation and insertion of block, polyline width and generation, elevation (Z), arc or circle radius.
And also setting current system variable values by object properties.

Supplements AutoCAD MatchProp command
J Displaying onscreen data on object properties (if any): layer, color, type and weight of line, height, font, block name and name of object itself etc (works in cycle).  
  Drawing [DRAWING] Drawing of objects and hatching.

Hatching contour by blocks without attributes (regular or staggered grid, or random hatches, offset of hatch from contour and processing of islands. ).
Multiple blocks insertion.
Block image review.

SEC Drawing graphical symbols of cross-section, simple and broken. Arrows at right angle to section line and inclined at specified direction.

Drawing smoothed (by arcs) or pseudo-smoothed 2D polyline, with segments automatically created along arcs. For horizontals and other smoohted oulines. Smoothing selection set of polylines. Simplifying selected polylines.

PER Drawing perpendicular line to objects, and also if necessary specifying its exact length (in 3D) and moving to required place.  
RB Drawing arbitrary rectangular buildings and broken lines with right angles.  

Drawing 3-dimensional surfaces (MESH) between polylines or solid bodies (SOLID) between specified polylines located in parallel planes. Drawing intermediate contours between surfaces.

Extrusion if the cross section along selected object (path). Insertion of cross section into defined point in object. 3 modes of insertion and/or extrusion.
3DFace surfaces. 8 modes for creation, draw intersections, calculate volumes etc.
Hatching (associative) of set of polylines, circles and ellipses with inheriting color, layer and elevation (Z coordinate). Each object can be hatched separately (style IGNORE or style OUTER).
Creation of boundaries made of polylines around a point selected by user and filling them by SOLID .
Open codes
  Drawing_sp [DRAWING] Drawing special (sections, slopes, grids etc).
MAKEPROF Drawing section in specified scale. Distances are taken from plan (with correction if necessary, for example, for arcs), elevations are entered manually with automatically suggested values divisible by 0.5 m (1 2 5 10 20 40). Drawing elevations scale, specified scale and base elevation.
creation of section by specified ((3D)poly)line of section and horizontals (with Z coordinates), or drawing 3DPoly.
DRAWGRAD Drawing line between points by: specified elevations and elevations increment, distance, inclination, location. Calculating and filling in data on distance and inclination between two points (or generally for an object), to row under section (decimal inclination, percent, pro mil).
Automatic hatching of slopes, including reinforced ones, cliffs, fences etc. For slopes (4 types) are specified: hatching pitch, color of short strokes, hatching modes (between nodes, along all length of slope edge and as ruled surface) and for cliffs starting and ending widths of stroke, its length and distance between strokes. Grouping strokes.
TOP_EL Drawing point (circle) and elevation text for it. Drawing text (Z coordinate) of point or circle for set of points (circles). Objects are placed in specified layers, other text parameters are set.
SLOPE Filling in intermediate points with elevations on line of inclination by specified elevation spacing, and also distance and inclination.
Drawing graphical symbol for power lines (low and high voltage), communication lines and sanitary networks with wells on topographic plans.

Drawing coordinate grids for various scales of topo survey (standards) and elevation grids.

HOLE Filling in depths of soils location in drillhole at section (m) in specified drawing scale. Depths are specified in list (with delimiters). Drawn are points and depth text.

Modify [MODIFICATON] Editing of objects (geometry and properties).


Assigning elevations (Z coordinates) to 2-dimensional polylines by one or (semi)automatically by specified slope line, new elevations are assigned by specified increment (step). Draw labels and bergstriches to contour line.


Changing elevations (Z coord.) of objects (PolyLine, Line, Point, Insert, Circle, Arc, Text and Mtext) by setting value or performing arithmetic operations with current elevation values and specified operand.
Scaling of set of objects (Insert, Circle, Arc, Text, Mtext).

Settings proportional slant for polylines or lines. Approximation arcs of polyline with segments.
Draw or change (poly)lines by azimuth, inclination angle and total length.
Setting Z value of vertex by object or text value.
FIT-PL Fitting (Fit) or straightening (Decurve) of set of polylines.  
Changing of object elevation by point elevation.  
WIDTH Assigning new polyline widths to set of objects (LINE, ARC and CIRCLE objects are converted to polylines).  
EE Extending objects to temporarily drawn line (along with automatic removal of the latter).  
TE Trimming objects to temporarily drawn line (along with automatic removal of the latter).  
Editing of total length of object.  
SNIP Breaking set of objects by specified line (acceptable are LINE, ARC, CIRCLE, POLYLINE). Based on AutoCAD BREAK / F / @ command.  
BHL Application deletes segment of object between points specified by user and draws between them a line with specified color and linetype (in current layer).
B1 Cyclic breaking of object into two objects in specified point (Analogue of BREAK \ F \ @ ).  
  Special [SPECIAL and FILE ORIENTED] Sorting, conversion, text file operation.
DWGORDER Sorting drawing's objects in order specified in .ORD text file for drawing's colors (using AutoCAD DWGORDER command).
DWGCOLOR Writing to .COL text file data on layer colors (color-layers and layer properties), blocks (number, names, on layers), block definition objects, all used drawing colors: explicit and by layer. For DWGORDER application.
Writing to text file data about coordinates (X,Y,Z) of objects (in current UCS): points (with reference texts), circles, lines, polyline nodes, blocks (with attribute values). Additional separation of attributes.
Creating Points and Circles (with text information), Lines, Polylines and Blocks (with attributes) from text file data.
AZ_INC3D Outputting to text file polyline data: excavation label, length (From), azimuth and dip angles, coordinates of point, interval length.
Preparation of data for GEOL_DH
Outputting coordinates of object points to text file. Creating points by AutoCAD MEASURE or DIVIDE command with addition of object endpoints.

Drawing points (circles) with reference text data and creating DXF (CSV) files (coordinates, numbers, descriptions and point elevations). Creating text files from sets of previously defined points or blocks with 2 attributes. Assigning elevations to points or circles inside specified outline (interpolation by triangulation network).


Drawing points (circles) with reference text data and creating DXF (CSV) file (coordinates, numbers, descriptions and point elevations). Assigning elevations to points or circles inside specified outline (interpolation by triangulation network).

INSCOLT Creating specifications (tables) from data of text files with delimiters.
WTEXT Writing TEXT objects to text file.
CONV2U Converting text information of drawing's objects from alternative encoding (DOS) to Unicode. That is, recoding drawings made in DOS and Windows versions 10-13 formats. Converting can be: global, of specified objects, of specified fonts. For codepage SYSCODEPAGE =ANSI _1251 (RUSSIA).
  Special_VK [SPECIAL (VK)] Applications for sanitary technicians and ...
AXONOM Drawing axonometric layouts of pipelines and other systems in specified scale (along with reading distances from plan) and inserting blocks of sanitary equipment and fittings. Blocks and slides (66+66 pcs.) are located in separate folder AXONOM.
FITTING Drawing fitments (with manual control) and pipeline details by GOST RF 17374-83 17380-83 (pipe bends, T-bends, adapters) and other similar in shape, jack board by GOST RF 14911-82 with pipe and insulation, and also pipelines in specified drawing scale. Data for drawing is taken from FITTING.DAT file.
TUBE_END Drawing graphical symbol of pipe breakage and other cylindrical objects.
PIPE Drawing pipeline with pipe bends (bent and sectional) or roads with turns. Data about bend sizes and road radii is taken from text file PIPE.DAT.
GRAPH Calculating volumes by horizontals with elevations (Z coordinates) or by text values of elevations and areas of horizontals with drawing values to table and plotting graphs Area=f(H) and Vol=f(H).
hydraulic engineering
  [SYSTEM] System programs and functions
Creating AutoCAD pattern codes from lines coordinates and writing data to CSV file. Printing of hatches (all ore selected by user) from ACAD(ISO).PAT files by rectangular array or column was added.
Recoding of pattern (offset, scale, rotation).
Drawing all named objects of DWG (text styles, line types, blocks, multiline styles.
Search of overlapped objects (texts and blocks).
Deletion of all named layer filters in the drawing.
  Color Toolbars STANDARD COLORS
  LineType Toolbars STANDARD LINETYPE ByLayer Continuous Center Dashed Hidden Dot
  KAI_PAGE_SO [VIEWING OBJECTS] Demonstration objects from selection set one by one.

Other system and special applications and functions not included (see KAI_PROGRAM_LIST_ENG.DOC).

Blocks to be inserted from menu are grouped by types: format and stamps, tables, topography, sections, dams and blocks for sanitary, ventilation, geology.

  Full or partial use of site materials requires attribution ©2002-2012

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