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Face Author's page. Alexander Kosov.
Magadan, Omolon exploration, Quartz mine
to users of AutoCAD 15-18 (Acad 2000 - 2012)
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Choose site: geol-dh.ru or its mirror geol-dh.narod.ru


Current and future development

Colleagues! Sometimes it is possible to download changed files from this web page only. Especially, if the changes are not big and were made only in few files of program package. Actually, this page is the one that is updated first. (According to site statistics data.)

new April 01 2012.
Х New release 8.71 GEOL_DH, more details...
Х New release of KAI-2001, more details...
Х New user in Irkutsk Region.


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on top Current and future development:.

  • Operation with dip-strike symbols: search.
  • Optimization of code of programs (there are some ideas).

Waiting for your suggestions!


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