December 15, 2004.
Changed a little function IS_IN_CONTOUR.
New release of GEOL_DH will be published in January 2005.
New user from Irkutsk.

November 06, 2004.
GEOL_DH rel.7.9. help are translated and may be downloaded.

November 03, 2004.
Addition to GEOL_DH rel.7.9. New option 3ptAzimuths (GEOL_PRO program) for drawing planes (by 3 points) and calculation strike and dip azimuths of this plane. Rock intervals annotation with hatches along traces etc. More details on page history.
Added 2 sites to section"Sites with software (3D) for geologists, miners, surveyors".

October 26, 2004.
KAI-2001 toolpack: New application PAT, creating AutoCAD pattern codes. Addition to CHATTR application. More details on page history.
Fixed up Setup programs (for GEOL_DH KAI-2001 toolpacks).
Added 4 photos (Birkachan gold deposit).

October 20, 2004.
Corrected bug in GEOL_DH rel.7.89 (loading vertical blasthole data).

September 27, 2004.
GEOL_DH rel.7.89 English help is now available (page downloading).

September 25, 2004.
SETUP program was tested (more details on page), also there are some changes and updates in GEOL_DH 7.89 toolpack (Sept. 21, 2004). More details on History page.
Added information to Russian pages: Geotechnology and Advices on Acad, as well as -> Setup (lisp codes of setup programs, pages may be opened from Site map also).

July 26, 2004.
Eventually, SETUP for my programs is created. But it is AutoLisp style! Installation program is started after AutoCAD is loaded by double clicking DWG file that is located in the same folder with setup programs. Version 7.89 is beta so far and needs some time before it will be ready for use.

July 19, 2004.
Added references to some CAD / AutoLISP sites.
Corrected page site map (added information about free application [14] and function [4] in Russian).

July 17, 2004.
New release of GEOL_DH and KAI-2001. For details see 'GEOL_DH history' and 'KAI-2001 history'.
Updated 'Downloading' section.
Updated pages describing program modifications.

May 28, 2004.
English edition of site is issued.
New program GEOL_UG. Processing underground horizontal excavations (GEOL_DH toolpack). Calculation of ore intervals on plan (only horizontal thicknesses), and also if necessary creation of parallel blasthole ring lines inside outline of ore body (block). Interpolation of values of ore intervals onto blasthole ring (BHR) lines. Annotation of ore intervals and BHR lines (including colored annotation by specified ranges of element grades) and reserve calculation by ore intervals and BHR lines.

March 29, 2004.
Code of program GEOL_DH was optimized. Speed of creating assay intervals annotations increased 2 times more.

March 8, 2004.
New program GEOL_BH. Processing vertical blastholes (GEOL_DH toolpack).
Guest page get site colors.

January 25, 2004.
Modification and addition to KAI-2001 toolpack. New option in PT2DXF application (Assigning elevations to points or circles inside specified outline, interpolation by triangulation network.).

January 12, 2004.
New user. Posed 2 targets, discussion paths of development.