November 05, 2005.
• New variant of downloading distribution kit.
Procedure: open reference, on page (site click Free button (Select your download) and on new page wait while appear something like:
Next download archive, dearchive and setup programs (see file Setup_read-me.html in root folder of distribution kit).
Download both toolpack (GEOL_DH release 7.931 and KAI-2001) November 06, 2005 (7.93 release help).
Download only one toolpack (KAI-2001 November 05, 2005).
I'll be wait for your opinion of that new technology (to guest page or by Email). In future I plan use this type of download (If you will not say No).
• New release 7.931 of GEOL_DH toolpack (more details...).
• Relatively small changes were added to KAI toolpack (more details...).
• Tollpacks GEOL_DH and KAI-2001support AutoCAD 2006 (faultness probability - 99.9%).

October 30, 2005.
• Omolon exploration news. Since September 29 Oroch deposit is on operation (1 rig).
• Corrected list of development.

October 25, 2005.
• Vacation is over. I am at Kubaka again.
• 2 new users (and 1st from abroad).

20 July 20, 2005.
• I am leaving for vacation on the 8th of August. I wont luxuriate at warm sea! You can arrange an appointment. Sorry, but I will be responding to your messages with a delay.
• New program GEOL_QUA for natural stone mining companies (example) and new option AssignID that helps to draw geological elements (faults, contacts, etc.) on horizontal slices and there are other updates in GEOL_DH toolpack. More details...

  • Send your recommendations and requirements to the concept and interface of GEOL_QUA program. Do not judge rigorously. I am not very competent in this matter yet. Links to the sites with detailed description of technology of quarrying, organization of exploration, reserve calculation, etc., are also welcome.
• Small patch for KAI-2001 (if you use PIPE program in Acad 2000-2004). Download.
• Started testing program that creates Voronoy polygons around ore intervals (main part of reserve calculation program on projections).
• Pricing for the programs was changed (previous contract price was almost not changed) and system of discounts is available. More details...
• Telephone number of Kubaka site changed since July 1.
• Omolon Exploration resumed drilling on July 12. The Omolon Gold Mine Company again hires employees (geologists, drillers, drill foremen, drill helpers).

June 05, 2005.
• Small anniversary. 5 years ago first version of GEOL_DH was released. Recall everybody!
• Short manual “How to quickly prepare dozens of hole graphic logs” was completed. DWG with description of procedure and examples is attached, as well as data bases (by the example of quarry). Download.
• LinesAlong option of program GEOL_ANN was corrected (fill of every second sample by SOLID hatching).

May 22-26, 2005.
• New release 7.928 of GEOL_DH toolpack (more details...).
• Added pictures to pages Users and OE geotechnology (presentation in pdf format, Russian language) .
• Omolon exploration have finished drilling (forever?).

May 03, 2005.
• New registered user.

April 24, 2005.
• Relatively small changes were added to GEOL_DH toolpack (more details...).
• 12 programs from KAI toolpack were changed (more details...).
Extract Zip-files to corresponding directories with programs.
• New links (14).

April 15, 2005.
• Congratulations on coming holidays! The price of toolpack KAI-2001 will be half lower during May 2005 in honor of the 60ths anniversary of Victory and in memory of my father, uncles and aunts, who went through the war. ...
• I put the eggs in different baskets . Now the site on will mirror the main site (it's faster, name is shorter, naturally, no commercials). Write me, please, is it also faster in your town?
• Toolpack GEOL_DH was significantly updated. New program for operations with dip-strike symbols (example of diagrams and annotated elements), processing of the 3 rd element (field), 3 rd geophysics file, drawing coordinate grid on sub-section flat plan and other changes. More details ...
Check work of the program at first and, please, inform me about errors if you notice any. There were a lot of changes and I could miss something and did not test properly.
• Program MINS_HATCH of KAI-2001 toolpack was corrected (option of hatching adjacent contours from beginning of coordinates was added and an error was corrected).
• An interesting site was added ("ToolPac" from Bangalore ) . Also you can find function codes on the site.
• Web site search option is provided.
• Omolon Exploration is still alive! Till now one rig is running (one of four and with one shift only)!

March 02, 2005.
• Today people found 2 concealed bags in MINS_HATCH. Example of MINS_HATCH work.

February 28, 2005.
• At last I had AutoCAD 2005. I studied what news in AutoCAD and... All my programs will be work in AutoCAD 2005.
• New program MINS_HATCH for hatching contours by blocks and insertion blocks (KAI-2001 toolpack) and other changes. More details… Example of hatches.
• Added one link (R).

February 02, 2005.
• CONVEX_POLYGON_PTS function was corrected.

January 29, 2005.
• Added several links.
• Function LISP added by CONVEX_POLYGON_PTS function (forming point's list of convex polygon).

January 24, 2005.
• January 19, 2004, Collin Bellshaw, General Director of the Omolon Gold Mining Company announced closing or selling of the company in nearest future. Kinross does not want to work in Russia any more (the reason is unfavourable tax climate, but I think the guys are cunning).
So in a few month yours truly servant may become an unemployed (in case of liquidation of the company). Who wants to hire me? I am ready to consider preliminary employment proposals. Main conditions – unlimited access to the Internet, fast computer with monitor not less than 21” and very good salary.

• Updates and modifications in GEOL_DH toolpack:
- New option Dilution for calculation of volumes of ore, ore losses and dilution.
- Support of percent by weight and g/m3 units.
- Setting of several parallel sections or horizontal slices with distance between them defined by user.
- Presentation of numeric geophysical data in logarithmic scale.
- And others. For more details …

• Updates KAI-2001 toolpack:
- Two new programs Del_Lay_Filters and BOUND-SOLID (open code).
- Working with hatches is easier now (HC1 and PAT).
- Block attributes support summation (SUM).
- And others. For more details…

• Corresponding web pages were updated (including Downloading).
• New line type (line and parallel bold points).