November 30, 2006.
• New program and options of KAI-2001 toolpack. More details...

October 31, 2006.
• Updates of GEOL_UG and GEOL_CAL options. More details...
• New program of KAI-2001 toolpack. More details...
• New user.
• Also: Recommend polyline editing software created by Vladimir Azarko (nick VVA). Download page (Russian):
• Updated some pages of site.

July 31, 2006.
• New interface and menu for KAI-2001 toolpack. Editing of polyline!

July 17, 2006.
• Support of AutoCAD 2007 (Acad 17) is added. Download.
• I am celebrating a jubilee! 30 years live and work on Far North-East of Russia.

June 20, 2006.
• New version GEOL_DH 7.934. More details. Download.
• New program OLAY in KAI-2001 toolpack. More details. Download.
• New user and sites.

May 29, 2006.
• New version GEOL_DH 7.933a (rounding by statistical rules and others). More details. Download.
• KAI-2001 was updated (RP, RB, INSP2TXT and others). More details. Download.
• On behalf of my provider I am apologizing for the bad work of due to replacement of DNS.

May 12, 2006.
• Photos of my family (R).

April 21, 2006.
• New release 7.932 of toolpack GEOL_DH (erasing selected by user types of traces, intervals, geopoints with annotations, new option DeleteXD etc.). More details. Download.
• KAI-2001 distribution toolpacks is updated. More details. Download.
• New function.

April 10, 2006.
• Enhanced HC1 program. Outer style, ability to wrap text objects by hatching and view hatching pattern slides were added. Recovery from Help file is provided. Download. Replace corresponding files in KAI-2001/00_PROGRAMS/. Example.

March 30, 2006.
• 2 new users.

March 11, 2006.
• I started to work in LLC Kvartsevy Mine (Quartz mine, L.L.Gold) February 13, 2006. Have done away with traveling to work, now I am permanently in Magadan. However there will be less and less time for programming.
• New temporary work phone number (413-2) 65-19-99 (ask Geological Department). Permanent working place is under repair for now.
• New user.
Small corrections of GEOL_DH and KAI -2001 toolpacks (small errors were corrected). Download...

January 22, 2006.
• New phone number (+7-413-2) 65-05-10 (home).

January 17, 2006.
• My congratulation with New Year and Christmas !
From 7.931 release of GEOL_DH you can download full distribution kits (in one file). Download...
• Now it is my last shift on Kubaka. Beginning at February I will be work in Magadan.
• Now it is possible to quick buy GEOL_DH and KAI-2001 toolpacks.