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to users of AutoCAD 15-18 (Acad 2000 - 2012)
Renovation 22.07.2011 SUPPLY of GEOL_DH and KAI-2001

GEOL_DH toolpack
KAI-2001 toolpack
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GEOL_DH and KAI-2001 are Shareware Programs.

For acquaintance with all options of the program user is granted a right to run 13 working sessions of the program in drawing(s) in full mode, to enter this you should exit authorization dialog box by pressing <RUN in FULL mode without authorization> button.

Note: Session starts with launching in drawing any GEOL_DH (KAI-2001) program. Session is not limited by time constraints and ends with closing drawing.

After 13 working sessions in full mode GEOL_DH program continue work in DEMO mode. Some options are blocked in demo version or have restricted functionality (see structure). KAI-2001 application in demo mode have limit of launch (only one time in opened DWG for every application).

Programs supply is carried out based on principle: one toolpack of programs with registration codes for one organization (juridical person) located on one site (site licence).

Note: Working with the Programs in incomplete (demo) mode is allowed for all juridical and natural persons without exclusions and restrictions.

Completeness, terms of delivery and payment (including step-by-step) of KAI-2001 program are specified by parties during ordering. As a rule, after conclusion of contract (if required by user, contract projects is sent by email) or official ordering by mail, to user is immediately sent disk with programs and after payment additionally are sent registration file, hatches and access codes.

Necessity to supply separate applications is marked by customer in For comments column. It is recommended to order full toolpacks of applications. Full list of program with prices and discounts see in documents files (DOCUMENTS folder, on site in docs-eng.rar file). User has the right to order only those programs which the user needs.

Cost of demo version (all files on CD without patterns and registration files) - 15 USD (including postal charge).
All files of GEOL_DH and KAI-2001 (included images and examples) supply only on CD. On site are represented only main files.

Full supply cost of toolpack GEOL_DH rel. 8.71 - 4199 USD.
Full supply cost of toolpack KAI-2001 - 1049 USD.


  • Different discounts are available (up to 60%): for natural stone mining and engineering survey companies, for government organizations, educational institutions and natural persons (for more details, see documentation files on page Download).
  • For big companies (deposits) to price can be added coefficient (from 1.2 up to 2.0).
  • Divide the price by the number of users in your company and you get the real price of the programs.
  • Payment of program supply is carried out in dollars USA in cash or by transfer to Authors account. All RF taxes are included. Bank account will be sent by inquiry.
  • Mentioned costs are valid only for non residents of Russia.

If you need contract with me - download it.

During ordering attach customers entries (address, email etc), contact phones and email of responsible persons.

Send orders to:

Email: ai_kosov@mail.ru all letters
  geol-dh@narod.ru doubling important letters and letters with huge files only
Address: Russia, 685030, Magadan, Koltsevaya St., 34-G, apt. 28, Alexander I. Kosov (Official orders, contracts etc. It is desirable send notifications by Email or phone)

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