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Magadan, Omolon exploration, Quartz mine
to users of AutoCAD 15-18 (Acad 2000 - 2012)
Renovation 15.09.2010 SUPPORT of GEOL_DH and KAI-2001

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Programs support

Programs support is carried out in compliance with corresponding license (see files in DOCUMENTS_ENG folder).

Alterations are published, as they are released, at this site.

User has a right to apply to Author for consultations on the Programs operation, make own suggestions on improvements of the Programs operation and correction of errors in it, suggest for development new options (functions) of the Program.

Connection to author is carried out:

Answers are guaranteed to users, but if author is busy or absent, they may be individual or through site and may be delayed for a few weeks.

Correction of minor errors is realized by Author in period of up 1.5 months, in other cases, and also if Author is absent for good reasons (illness, business trips, vacation with departure to central regions of country etc), the period may be prolonged to 6 months.

New versions of the Program are supplied to registered Users, as a rule, free of charge (except for Authors preparation, copying and shipping the Program to User costs). Additional options of the Program, development of which caused significant labor inputs, are supplied to registered User with at least 50% discount from added cost of the Program.

Programs troubleshooting

If you encounter an error during operations with GEOL_DH, you should perform the following actions:

  • Define precisely which version of the program is installed: full, partial or demo.
  • Try to solve the problem using program help and Read-me file. Re-read given options chapter and other necessary chapters (general notes on program operation, program installation etc).
  • Make sure the problem is caused by GEOL_DH program - probably, its AutoCADs fault? In GEOL_DH program all actions with objects are carried out based on AutoCAD-only commands and functions. If possible you should try to perform same actions by means of AutoCAD itself. Reload the drawing.
  • Delete GEOL_SET.LSP parameters file and restart AutoCAD (possibly during version update old parameters description file was not replaced, or user specified incorrect parameters).
  • Perform operations, which caused the error, in attached GEOL_DH.DWT template (that is, in new drawing based on this template), attached font and linetype files must be located in one of support file search paths. Not allowing usage of text styles with constant height.

If the question remains unresolved, you should contact author by email or phone. You will have to answer the following questions:

  • Computer type;
  • Installed operating system;
  • AutoCAD version and code page number (system variable SYSCODEPAGE);
  • Version number of GEOL_DH program and what applications for AutoCAD it operates together (in same profile);
  • Programs serial number and title of organization (user name) for licensed programs or demo version;
  • Exact text of messages displayed by the program when error occurs in alerts window and/or text window;
  • Description of the programs behavior and users actions before error occurred;
  • Description of own attempts to solve the problem.

Also it is recommended to email .DWG file where the error occurs to author, for testing.

Author will appreciate the opinion on operation of GEOL_DH program, found errors in it or inaccuracies in documentation.


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